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Shortcut to Angmering - via Birmingham !

Graham O'Dell  Thursday, June 06, 2002  20:55 GMT

Final Score - Angmering 99, RSA 55

Scorers:Stu 13, T 10, Graham 8, Neil 7, Jamie 6, Marvin 6, Steve 3, Paul 2, Lindy

Box score 1 2 3 4
RSA 4 16 19 16
Angmering 36 19 24 20

With a very mixed RSA team (2 who had never played for the team before and another veteran of 2 previous games) it was always going to be an "interesting game against a much stronger Angmering team who were used to playing at a much higher level (so much for the summer league being about encouraging bench players). During the first quarter, RSA struggled at both ends. This was made up for by a spirited performance for the rest of the game where the effort couldn’t be questioned (unlike Angmerings cherry picking / goal hanging / call it what you will but it sure wasn’t cricket tactics). The arrival of two more players for RSA early in the second half helped a few tired legs (although coach Barny is still presumed stuck on the M40 just outside Birmingham).

The low point of the evening has to be the use of local knowledge to find an after game drink, in a pub with no beer ! Words will be had.

The high point of the next day – discovering that contrary to the scoreboard Angmering did not score a ton, so a moral victory to RSA. Well done team.

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