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3-2 win in Acton

Tom Harper  Thursday, February 14, 2002  17:32 GMT

Chauffeur driven Ealing II pull off a 3-2 win.

With Mr Lorimer driving us in his go faster boy racer,
hair substitute, fanny magnet car to Acton Sports, we squeezed a 3-2 win.

To the games... Wilson played Winston and went 2 down quite quickly,
I thought he had is mind on other things, but he got in the groove and
started to find his shots as Winston tired he pulled off a 3-2.

Jayesh got the short straw and played 2. However, he put up a manful display
to lose against a very worthy oppo. He lost 3-2 put showed effort. City slicker
was caught talking about 'change management' with Wilson. Oh dear.

Phil Odlum put in a farkkking performance. He won 3-1. Got to get
some finesse\court craft philpo.

Carts had a good run at 1. But the guy in played was good. TD down in 3.

Harper played stand-in Freddy. Ho-ho. Went for the 27 zipper. Couldn't manage to do it
27-2. It was as Freddy stated. "your just trying to be clever". Correct.

Week off now next game coolhurst at home...........
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