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Steady performance in Shepherds Bush

Tom Harper  Saturday, February 09, 2002  11:03 GMT

A good result at New Grampians. Last Tues night saw a solid win for Ealing II.

With Mr Lorimer, Odlum back and Harper putting in a token appearance. There was some worry
whether a weakened side could pull off a result (cynics included TD Carts and Brendan The Pot)

To the games. Wilson and Harper went on first. I didn't see much of Wilsons game as maturally
I was being given the run around on the other court. Needless to say Wilson pulled of a good result
to win 3-1. I won in 5. Aware that if I lost Brendan The Pot would not be able to resist the p*ss take.
I got stuck in. Not pretty and nothing to learn about squash technique but a result. I was f*cked.

Phil played very well considering he hasn't played much since he sold
his soul to the devil, nice to see him away from the kitchen sink.

TD carts was not interested. Got upset with his opponent, couldn't be arsed and lost

Brendan The Pot was full of court craft on the evening and looked quite comfortable
to win 3-1.

Curry afterwards was good. Next game Acton sports...Lets see if I can weaken this
side a little more.............
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