On the welcome page, in news stories and in event it is possible to format text using HTML. Below are some examples of the basic HTML that can be used.

IMPORTANT:If you do use HTML add the make the first four letters of you text 'NOBR' in upper case as this will prevent standard formatting being used on the the text.

Some examples of formatting text are as follows:

A couple of useful bits of HTML are to add images that have been uploaded to your site and to add links to other pages

Adding Images to pages

First upload an image to intheteam (see 'Upload Image').

Where you would like the image inserted into the page enter:
<IMG SRC='../images/club/XXX/yyyyyy.zzz'>
where 'XXX' is your Club ID and 'yyyyyy.zzz' is the name of the file you uploaded.

Your Club ID Club Id can be found in the in 'Club Details' under 'Admin' in the menu.

Adding a link to other pages

Firstly go to the page that you want to create a link to and copy the Address (e.g.

Then wherever you want to place the link in you text add the following:
<a href='xxxxxx'>yyyyyy</a>
where xxxxxx is the address that you just copied and yyyyyy is the text that you click on to go to the page.

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