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Brave 7 man go down 2-3.......

Peter Streader  Monday, June 10, 2002  20:26 GMT

A hastily put together side lost 2-3 to Holderlin......The usual shenanigins involving going to the wrong pitch and lack of shin pads and filling out the player card !!!

Holderlin are one of the weaker sides in the league, but a bunch of nice guys. They had 1 good player who was kept in check until a header crept in at the near post.

0-1 at half time and with Esben running the show from the back we equalised with a Jens lob. A bit of confusion in the defence and a speculative shot left returning Steve with no chance. We pushed forward too hastily for the equaliser, but with Streader to blame, they scored a third. Stig pulled one back to set up a last 5 minutes, but it was not to be. Manuel was back in the side after extensive fitness training in Greece...and at least 3 of the players were suffering large hangovers. Richard House had a fine game as did Lars and Peter (Stig's friend)

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