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Whoops their goes another ......

Nick Sanders  Tuesday, April 24, 2001  23:50 GMT

Further to Team Bananas preparation to re-engage in the razz and dazz of motorsickle racing, a track day at Brands G.P. circuit was undertaken.
Being for road bikes only,the teams 'Prilia 250 was swiftly transported back to it's commuting clothes, to acquaint the Colonel with the twists and turns of the awesome Kent circuit.
A splendid time was had, only marred by the fact of a piston popping at some point in the proceedings. However, this was only discovered on returning home from work the next day, when the wee beasty started back firing.
Gawd knows how it happened 'cos the bike had been on song all the time and the problem was only discovered when the spark plugs were checked and the rear cylinders plug was closed right up, indicating that something had hit it!
On taking the head off, it was seen that the piston had lost about an inch of it's crown and must have spat it straight out of the exhaust, without damaging the head or barrel!Lucky or wot!
Still,everything is repaired now and is pukka.
The only thing I can think that might have caused the piston to pop is, I ran out of petrol at full chat going down the back straight.It might have weakened the mixture enough to have cracked the piston and when I started the bike the next day, it broke and coughed it out!
Stranger things happen at sea.
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