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Elmhurst (24/2/2002)

Des Ife  Sunday, February 24, 2002  19:16 GMT

The weather was very cold and rain fell throughout the game making the pitch
very muddy. As Elmhurst arrived late the kick-off, due to be 12.30pm, was delayed by
15 minutes.
Elmhurst opened the scoring after 3 minutes when their No.17 played the ball
through our keepers legs. Six minutes later Duane White took the ball on the wing and
came infield, allowing Jason Guy to take the ball from him and angle the ball into the
net to level the score. Jack Fuller had a shot which hit the Elmhurt crossbar and Duane
White’s later attempt went wide. Elmhurst then launched an attack but their shot was
hit wide of the post. Twenty five minutes into the game Elmhurst took a free kick
down the middle of the field and their No.12 lobbed the ball over Phil Lines, the
Hithercroft goalie, to put the visitors 2-1 ahead. The Elmhurst No17 was later booked
for dissent. Just 4 minutes before the break three Elmhurst playes surged through the
Hithercroft defence on the left of the field and their No.7 lofted the ball over the
advancing keeper to make the score at half-time 3-1 to Elmhurst.
Six minutes into the second half, from a Hithercroft throw-in, the ball went to
Duane White who struck the ball hard towards goal and it took a slight deflection from
a defender on its way into the net to bring the home team to just one goal in arrears.
Within a minute Elmhurst struck back, their No.12 again lobbing Phil to put Elmhurst
4-2 up. Seven minutes later Elmhurst’s skillful No.10 took a shot from the right wing
which hit the left hand post and rebounded to the feet of their No.16 who took the
easy opportunity to slip the ball home. With 21 minutes of the second half gone
Riccardo Falconi took a corner from the left and Hithercroft had a couple of shots
blocked before Jason hammered the ball past the Elmhurst keeper to bring the score to
5-3. One minute later Elmhurst broke away again with the Hithercroft defence racing
back toward goal. The No.12 hit the ball from the left wing into the right-hand side of
the net past a defender who had managed to reach the goal-line. The Elmhurst
goalkeeper was making some good saves, many of them achieved by jumping up to
collect the high crosses from the heads of the Hithercroft attackers. Then after 24
minutes of the second half Elmhurst came down the centre of the pitch where their
No.10 collected the ball and scored the final goal of the match. The result was 7-3 to
Elmhurst who are the first team this season to achieve the double over Hithercroft.
Overall, Hithercroft had most of the possession but could not make the most of
their opportunities whereas Elmhurst made the most of theirs. On the pitch Hithercroft
refused to be intimidated and put in some very strong tackling of their own.
Unfortunately, after the game the Elmhurst team responded to the ‘Three Cheers...’
call by booing their opponents and one of their players wrote his name on the inside
walls of the clubhouse using muddy handprints. The referee, Steven Greenhill, will be
submitting a report on these episodes. It is a pity that a team as skillful as Elmhurst
behave in this way, upsetting the other teams that they play.

Hithercroft’s scorers were:- Jason Guy (2) and Duane White
Elmhurts’s scorers were No.12 (3), No.10, No.16, No.12 and No.7
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