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Beckham gains revenge over Argentina

Elliot Hutchinson - Cox  Sunday, June 09, 2002  14:40 GMT

What a great game! England 1 - 0 Argentina on Friday 7th June 2002. I will never forget that day! To the match then. After a late challenge, Owen Hargreaves had to be substituted after only 19 minutes. Trevor Sinclair came on to gain his first ever World Cup cap. Near Half-Time, Michael Owen made a dashing run into the box and Argentinian defender, Mauricio Pochettino tripped him up, and guess what, a penalty! The whole of England, maybe even some of Wales and Scotland were quiet and when England captain David Beckham blasted the ball past Goalkeeper, German Burgos all of those places erupted exactly like a volcano would. Half - Time Score - Argentina 0 - 1 England - It was a great second-half for England. Shot were coming in from here, there and everywhere and when Argentina had chances, David Seaman was there to either punch it away or grab from mid-air. It was a tense last 5 minutes around Sapporo and England and when the final whistle went I was just so relieved. Final-Score - Argentina 0 - 1 England - Our Man of the Match - David Seaman - Your Man of the Match - Vote on our poll after the Japan versus Russia one has finished.

There will always be Three Lions on our Shirt!

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