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Ealing II pulled off a revenge killing

Tom Harper  Thursday, January 31, 2002  21:27 GMT

Having lost to Cumberland I in the first half of the season,
I was not expecting a win. But at the end of the evening Ealing squeezed it 3-2

Dave Halls played Matt Crawker. He put real effort in, to win in 5,
what can I say. Can't take the p*ss here. Matt was back from injury,
but that should not take away a good result for The Dinner Lady

Steve Cartwright lost a real nail bitter. 10-8 in the 5.
He had match ball, but was just edged out by a rather serious
South African fello.

Brendan Murphy would have benefited from a change in the rules. Best of
3... After the third he was clearly shagged and went down to a fitter bloke 3-2.

Jayesh Gopalji played the best squash I have seen him play in the last 2 years.
A month off the booze and sharpener with TD over the weekend. He made easy work
of his opponent. Oppo acted a bit of a tosser as he didn't get on court when he wanted.
He also had a little spat on court. A little more maturity please Cumberland no 4.
However, I think my rebuke\filibuster may go into the Guinness Book of records for time taken.

Nick Robinson. Well what can you say about the young man. He got stuck and did the
business. 3-0 win. I much prefer hearing about his Yorkshire squash achievements after he
wins in the Middx div 2. Well done.

So New Gramps next week. Wilson is back and so am I.........Come on guys we don't
want to go into the first division.
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