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Layne Walker  Friday, June 21, 2002  14:56 GMT

Opposition for the night were Redborne Rockets and Magic Thighs. Anne lost the toss and we had to ref first. Rockets won two sets easily and then played rubbish to lose the third.. we know the feeling.

We then played Magic Thighs. As we all know there is nothing Magic about their Thighs at all. Nevertheless having won the last set against the Rockets their tails were up and they proved hard to beat in the 1st set. But we did it in the end. The 2nd set we were a bit better, with fewer mistakes, and won it very comfortably. The 3rd set we played rubbish. Stephen went from being the strongest link last week to this weeks weakest link. But will his team mates notice.

The Rockets are Redborne's first team and though they are better than the Rebels that are still very beatable. Once again we took the 1st set playing some good stuff. We started the 2nd well too but then had a bad rotation when things just wouldn't go right and we ended up losing it. We continued to struggle for a long way in the 3rd with the Rockets buoyed by winning the last set and sniffing a victory. But facing several game points we played an excellent few points to get to 14-14. But then I spiked out of court, from an awkward angle it has to be said. We lost the next point and our unbeaten record with it. But only just.. we'll get 'em next time.

Once again the food was cr*p but there was plenty of banter and the sun shone for the first time this year. PotM goes to NEIL although there were several other decent performances, with one notable exception :-)

Finally, can someone check the rules on the use of paragliders. One of the Thighs was warming up with one (seriously) and we reckon he'll be using it on court next week.

Badass were Anne, Bine, Dave, Fidel, Layne, Neil, Stephen, Val, Wendy

The Mexican wave was Bine and Neil.. except Neil doesn't exist as we all know.. and you can't do a Mexican wave with one. I'll get me paraglider..
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