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Just One of Those Days

Tim Adams  Wednesday, June 20, 2001  11:02 GMT

This 20th Day, of our sixth Month, the 2001st year.... will be remembered..FOREVER

It all started with the fearless Men and Women, from MPS, as they followed their destiny into the record books, As these mighty warriors took their fields of battle, at differn't ends of the earth, the ground shook as they ran out to battle. Their enemies shook as they saw them, no longer confident of victory. The Men and Women of MPS, gave steel looks, looks of determination, and courage......this was their day, no-one was going to take that from them.

This is what Football is all about, playing the best and getting a result....The Woman ground out a resounding victory over pushy penrose, while the men held on for a brilliant upset over cocky McCleans..

While you have already read a complete match report, for the girls...there is always roomfor one more congrats...CONGRATS.
The Guys however, scheduled to play an Senior B team (already at least one level above us) we ending up playing a virtual Senior A team, (seemingly an impossible task) and after a few pre-match words of anger, and passion, i think the guys were focused on the task at hand. Enough so to come out and take the game to their "Enemies" this was evident when we scored first, albiet a lucky goal (Micah won't score a more gumby goal ever), but we controlled the game, as McCleans became bitchy and aggresive. Alas no matter what coaching miracles i could pull out, we tired and lost our iron grip on the game, but only enough to let in the one goal, which the other team deserved, for all the effort they put in....
however the moral win was ours, having dominated %90 of the game, this was our best performance to date and will take some topping, a real team effort, But guys the girls won......... take pride in your all gave %110 well done.
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