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Jennie Lang  Wednesday, June 20, 2001  08:43 GMT

So Chris FINALLY worked out how to write up the news!! These darn computers! So confusing arn't they Chris?!

This wasn't the only remarkable victory this week! The girls senior team in their best effort yet made a complete bird of it in our final game for the season against Penrose High our neighbours and rivals. A smoking 7-0 win was the best team play of the season. My, swelled with pride as presision passing, excellent skills and unfailing commitment by everyone saw a final great victory!

Special mention must go to our player of the match, it seems that most valiable player is a family trait because Amber (lastie junior) was definately it! Believe me when I say don't mess with that girl. She may be half your size but she's got a boot to put Micah to shame and a turn of speed and a knack for saving our a**es that have proved invaluable throughout the season! You go girl!

Having said that, I am just going to have to mention the others too, because this, ladies and gents, is a TEAM!

Jess as always ran herself silly and came off red and glowing! She has been major major great as sorta-co-captain/vice captain and always gives it her all! :-)
Celia, despite some embarassing episodes of her Mothers driving (!) was an absolute champ. As one of our less experienced players she was thrown in the deep end and has shown us all a thing or two! That look of determination as she charges!
Not only was Ruth our queen of comedy! But prooved herself an all round legend with faultless goalkeeping (not 1 conceded goal this season!!) at one end and an awsome goal at the other. Got your back 2pak!
Sophie Mic was a feisty little furry of red lightenning up the front and demonstrated that smokers can score! That girl is an energizer bunny I swear!
We could always rely on Sibyl (did i get the spelling right?!) for a massive clearing kick or a huge crack at goal. Remind me never to get in the way of one of her shots!
Wee Mighty Mouse Lorry as always wowed everyone with skill and enthusiasm. Way to go energizer bunny two. Let's go Gumby!
Let us not forget our talented stolen player Steph who as always was actually amazing! Another of my talented a** savers!
Camille was a legend and always to be relied on wherever she ended up on the field, muchos apologies for your boring spells in goal! :-)
Although they haven't managed to make every game, we wouldn't have been the same team without our little stars Emma, Esther and the travelling birdie Leise. Emma with her power-shot left foot and pineapple speedster hair-do, Esther (dicky ankle and all) with that developing skill and 100km kick (must have been watching too much of Pronkie!) and Leise with her common sense and positional play! You dudes keep rocking!
Now, am I forgetting anyone? No, oh hold on, there is that reeeeeally annoying one that thinks she pretty dam hot....her name escapes me, oh yeah thats right Lee! You are a champion luvie and you rock my world, you know your good so you don't need to hear me say it, again!
Thanks heaps to our Super Squad, your all awsome and lets get ready to rumble in our up and comming A-grade games!
Hope you all had fun! JEN
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