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*cough* TIM *cough*-The history of this Site

Jennie Lang  Friday, June 15, 2001  23:45 GMT

Once upon a time, in a small pink village that went by the grand and prestigeous title of "Michael Park School", there lived 3 teams of intrepid young soccer players. Now close by the school, in a dark smelly cave lived a small hairy ogre who went by the terrifing name of the UMPA LUMPA! He was a terror spoken of in the most awed of whispers and legend has it that when he came rampaging forth from his dark hole he rode his trust, rust silver steed that snorted billowing clouds of black smoke over the countryside and it's roar could be heard for miles around!
Now, as I have said, there lived in the school a brave assembly of young warriors and warrioresses. Three of these stood out amongst the others, they were the leaders of the senior soccer teams! The first was a hansome and unassuming fellow whose wits were faster than a lightening bolt, and SILENT AND DEADLY could have been his middle name! (unfortunately his parents are english so they were rather more conventional and named him just plain Christopher.)
The second was bubbling fellow of much talk and little sense. However this was merely a front he wore to confuse his foes, for when his steely eyes flashed and the flatulance roared then truly did the colours of Gubbs shine!
The third was a girl of such incomparable beauty that the sun hid it's.....oh, er, hold on a sec. sorry, crossed wires somewhere along the line he he!
The third was a swarthy girl of the Jewish persuassion whose outspoken stubborness and bossiness was known throughout the lands. Together the three had become a thorn in the horney side of the UMPA LUMPA!
For years he had lived contented in his hideous gluteny. But now, these three had dared to invade his lair, soothing his wrath with humble offerings of videos and chewing gum! He was helpless because if the truth really be known, he was actually a bit of a softy on the inside, and anyway, his mother would hit him across the face with a frozen pie if he was rude to his invading vistors!
Well now that the scene is set, we shall have to wait for the next installment to find out what happenend to the three brave youngsters when they penetrated the UMPA LUMPA'S lair! b continued.
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