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Apologise to Stoves!

Christine Curry  Friday, February 22, 2002  12:47 GMT

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Stovesie (cos if I don't it won't be the team pic's you'll see on the web site but those of my funeral!) that I wrongly pointed out on the last match report that she had scored an own goal. In my defence I have to say that my eyesight was a bit "off" that day as I had a few smacks in the face from the ball - it had nothing to do with the furious drinking I had done the night before that left me seeing double!

I shall start my grovelling now:

Over the past couple of season Stovesie has scored some superb own goals that any top rated striker would be proud of so any scouts out there who might reading this you can keep your grubby mitts off, she wouldn't leave us if a multi-million pound contract came and slapped her in the face! (OK...slight bit of exaggeration there) Her work commitments mean she isn't always available to play but when she can she gives 110% (as do the rest of the girls!) She is a rock in our defence and we hope that it will always stay that way.

I think I¡¦ve said enough to get me out of trouble on Sunday!

seriously though, sorry for the mix up.

All hail Stovesie!
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