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Intheteam is the easiest way to create a site for your team.

No technical knowledge at all is required to create a site that contains news, fixtures, selection, results, statistics, member details, contacts, links and much more!

One of the biggest advantages of using intheteam is that maintaining the site does not have to be the responsibility of just one person. Sites can be maintained by any authorised club member.

Sites can also be maintained anywhere. As long as you have access to the internet you can maintain your site.

Intheteam helps you to run your club. Using Intheteam you can create a club database of all your members. This information is then available to all other club members. Individual club members can amend their own personal details and even say when they are next available to play! Teams selection is simply a case of selecting members from a list, and once selected the team can be emailed to all club members.

Want to keep a record of your top scorers? Now it's easy, as after the game statistics for each players can be entered.

Maintaining your club site has never been as easy or as fun! Add your club to intheteam now.

The following lists some of the some of the other things that you can do in your site.

In a platinum plan you can control the layout and design of the site. You can create a header for all pages on your site with your club logo and some links to the most important pages on your site. You can choose the colours and sizes of most elements of your site.