Site settings
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Site settings are some fundamental settings that need to be set up for your site. These settings can only be changed by the site owner.

Club name

Enter the name of your club

Site name

The site name is the unique name for your site. This will give your site and address of where sitename is the unique name for your site.

Site domain name (platinum plans only)

If you have registered a domain that you would like to use for your site (e.g. please enter it here. You will need to make sure that your the domain has a CNAME set up to point to (contact the company where you registered your domain if you are unsure how to do this). Once you change the IP address of your site it may take several hours for it to become effective.

We prefer using CNAMEs as if intheteam is moved to another server your site will not be affected. You can use an A record and intheteam is moved to another server you will have to update your A record. Set the A record for your domain name to

Club email

The club email is the email address to which customer communications are sent. For example emails sent through the feedback page are sent to this email address.


The home page is the first page displayed when someone visits your site.

Forum access

You can decide whether only club members can view the forum of whether any visitor can look at the forum. Only club members are allowed to add new entries

Full site design (platinum plans only)

Sites that have purchased a platinum plan are able to fully design their site. To be able to fully design the site the 'Full custom site design' check box must be checked.