Site design (advanced) - Page fonts
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You can define the fonts used throughout the site. intheteam use a special font size type call 'ems'. Ems are used because it allows visitors to the site to change the size of the fonts displayed using 'Text size' option within the browser. This greatly helps people with poor eyesight when visiting the site. Most text is displayed using the font defined for 'Body'. When headings are used in the editor they will use the heading fonts as defined here.

Links to other pages, sites, files etc have their own style so that they can be differentiated from normal text. the style of these links can be defined here. Normal is how a link will usually be displayed, You can change the appearance of the link when the mouse is moved over it by defining a 'Hover' style. If the page that the link goes to has previously been visited the style can be defined using the 'Visited' style.