Site design (advanced) - Image upload
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If you need to use images within the layout and design of your site you need to upload them here. These images are not available to be used within general content for your site.

These images can be used in the header and menu of your site.

Click on the 'Browse' button. You will then be presented with a standard windows file open dialog box. Locate the image that you want to use and press the 'Open' button.

You will be returned to the above screen the name and location of the file you have selected will be displayed in the 'Select a file' box.

Now press the Upload button.

When the image has been successfully uploaded onto the website, a confirmation message is displayed on the screen, confirming the name of the file. If you want to view the image click on the drop down list and select the image

If you open the drop down list of existing files, the image you just uploaded will now be included.

To remove a file from the being available for use on your site, select it from the drop down list and press the 'Delete' button.

A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen, advising you of the name of the image that you have deleted.