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Add/amend a page

To maintain pages on your site, click on 'Administration' then 'Pages' in the menu. A page will be displayed with a button that allows new pages to be added and a list of all the pages that have already been added to the site. Click on 'Add new' to create a new page or the edit icon next to a page in the list to edit a page.

The following fields are available on this screen:




This is the name of the page and it appears as the Description in the Page List

Page code

Give your page a unique identifying code this should contain only numbers, letters and underscore characters. No spaces are allowed


This are words you would like to use to summarise the content in your page; search engines find and display pages where search words match your Keywords


This is a short description of what the page contains - it usually appears in the results list from a search engine


Choose which visitors to the site are allowed to view this page.

Document properties

This area of the page contains information regarding the document as follows:

* Author: The name of the person who created this page

* Updated by: The name of the person who last published this page

* Locked by: If you choose to edit a page, that page is locked by you your name will appear here if you have locked the record this locking device is to ensure that only one person can edit a page at a time.

The following dates are also displayed here:

* Created: the date this page was created.

* Updated: the date this page was last published

* Locked: the date the record was locked

Page Content

This is where your page content is entered and can be formatted using the editor tool provided.

The 'Page Content' field is a web page editor similar to a word processor. It allows you to type in text, format the text, insert images and create hyperlinks. Your web page will look exactly as you enter it. To find out more about the editor click here.

When you have finished editing your page, press the Save button.

If the 'Cancel publication' button is pressed all content since the last published version of the page is lost.

Delete a page

To delete a page go to the list of pages in your site.

Click on the delete icon next to the page in the list that you would like to delete.

A warning message will be displayed asking you to confirm that you would like to delete the page.