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Groups are a way of combining a group of club members (eg 1st team, Committee). These groups can be used in Selection, and it is also possible to send emails to a group.

To add a group to your club you need to be logged in as an Administrator. In the menu under 'Administration' click 'Groups'.

Click 'Add group' and you will then be able to enter the group name. Click the save icon on the right of the list to save the group. To add members to a group click the group name in the list. In the list of group members select the members that you want to add to the group (use the 'Ctrl' key to add select more than one member). Click the arrow button between the two lists to add the members to the group. To remove members from the list is the reverse of adding members.

To edit a group name click on the edit icon on the right hand side of the list.

To delete a group click on the delete icon on the right hand side of the list.