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Fixtures can be added to your site by adding the application using the menu editor or linking to fixtures from a page on your site.

Administrators can maintain a fixture list for each team in the club.

To maintain the fixtures go to the fixture list which will bring up a list of existing fixtures.

To add a fixture click 'Add' or to update an existing fixture click on the edit icon next to the fixture you would like to update.

The details of the fixture may then be entered and saved. Once the fixture has been played the result can be added which is used to update the statistic for the team. for most sports the result can be automatically calculated (e.g. Football 4-4 is a draw, 2-1 is a win). It is possible to override the result for example the match might have been 4-4 but was then won on penalties. Also a team which wins a match might subsequently be disqualified and forfeit the game.

Also if a match report was added to the news area this can be linked to the fixture.